Nanoxyn Alpha - a NANO-solution based on nanocarbon technology promotes:

  • A higher blood oxygen level that activates your cellular metabolism and general body metabolism
  • Optimal vascular health through better blood circulation
  • A clean digestive system and liver by reducing toxins and free radicals
  • Cellular regeneration through an elevated blood oxygen level
  • An improved and enhanced skin tone through a better peripheral blood stream
  • Healthy cholesterol and ESR levels

One tablet of Nanoxyn Alpha with a weight of 430 mg has 6000 ORAC(Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), covers the daily ORAC units intake required for an entire day for a person participating in normal physical activity.

Nanoxyn Alpha is the result of a nanocarbon technology that elevates your blood oxygen level. It was created by using three efficient antioxidants in powder form: red wine extract, grape seed extract and olive leaf extract as a delivery medium for nanoSOF - a nanomaterial that boost blood oxygen level. The pH value of the mixture has a neutral value.

The ingredient that boosts your blood oxygen level is released at a controlled rate and the formula combination is encapsulated using a 24 hour slow release technology. This provides optimal vascular health throughout the day.

Recommended use of Nanoyxn Alpha is one tablet in the morning with 8 oz of water. This assures the best distribution of ingredients that elevate your blood oxygen level into the body fluids so that it promotes optimal vascular health and ultimately a higher cellular regeneration rate.

Nanometric vegetable charcoal (nanoSOF) - 60 mcg/tablet

The novel ingredient used in Nanoxyn Alpha is nanoSOF - a unique ingredient that boosts your blood oxygen level and promotes cellular regeneration. This ingredient is produced entirely from dry olive pits using a proprietary nanocarbon technology. Its primary property is to deliver oxygen into the blood stream thus elevating your blood oxygen level, which ultimately promotes cellular regeneration. nanoSOF also works as a catalyst, as it multiplies the antioxidant activity of its natural ingredients. nanoSOF is found in the delivery technique in a fine dispersion for optimal absorbency into the body.

Red Wine and Grape Seed Extracts - 180 mg/tablet (30mg of red wine extract and 150 mg of grape seeds extract)

These antioxidant components consist of bioactive compounds called phenols, which include resveratrol, phenolic acids, anthocyanins and flavonoids. They have properties known to help maintain a healthy immune system and vascular health.

Olive Leaf Extract - 250 mg/tablet

The bioactive compound of the olive leaf is oleuropein, a component known to strengthen the immune system promoting anti-aging benefits such as cellular regeneration.

Our modern life style is under a constant level of stress. We try to eat as healthy as possible and we try to drink high quality water, yet our body has to deal with free radicals and toxins. We breathe polluted air, which can lead to poor blood oxygen, especially if we're living in a big city or in its proximity. Due to our daily activities and our constant interaction with the environment, our body is constantly exposed to harmful microscopic particles that later affect our vascular health and our body cellular regeneration capability.

Have you checked your blood oxygen levels lately? Is your blood oxygen level over 90%? In order to function properly, the human body needs a constant level of oxygen circulating in the blood to the cells and tissues. Optimal vascular health means a blood oxygen level in the range of 95-100%. Optimal vascular health also means that our body is given the necessary tools for cellular regeneration within tissues and internal organs; consequently cellular regeneration is the path to good health.

The SOLUTION: Move to a secluded area in the middle of nature OR start using Nanoxyn Alpha - a NANO-solution created solely from natural ingredients for a blood oxygen boost. It helps maintain optimal vascular health and promotes cellular regeneration in the body.

Nanoxyn Alpha is an extremely efficient way to deliver oxygen directly into your blood stream, as it increases your blood oxygen level.

Take Nanoxyn Alpha daily to maintain optimal vascular health and support cellular regeneration.

BONUS: Nanoxyn Alpha's unique ingredient enhances daily supplements in the diet since it multiplies the efficiency of other dietary supplements and vitamins. An increase in blood oxygen level, cellular regeneration, optimal vascular health and higher efficiency for dietary supplements and vitamins -is all you can ask for your health.

Higher blood oxygen, cellular regeneration. Optimal vascular health.

Content:30 Modified Release Coated Tablets
Price: $49.95

Order a supplement that increases your blood oxygen level and cellular regeneration capabilities.
Maintain optimal vascular health through nanocarbon technology.